5 Stars for Killing Misty by Lori Van Horn # Dark #Horror #M/F


This is the true story of Misty Jones, a shy and wholesome 28-year-old with a history of making bad choices when it comes to men. Starved for affection and acceptance, Misty finds herself in a looping pattern of abuse. Her past is about to catch up with her sooner than expected. When the girl-next-door meets bad-boy, David Mitchell online, a new romance blossoms, quickly escalating into a whirlwind of excitement, intensity, and peril lurking around the corner. Her abusive ex-boyfriend is released early from prison and he’s out for blood. When he seeks revenge for being sent to prison, Misty finds herself in grave danger and is left fighting for her life. Nothing is what it appears and no one is who they portray themselves to be. No one is lying, yet everyone is not telling the truth. Is David Misty’s true knight in shining armor, or is he as dangerous as her family believes him to be? Will the fate of all three be the ultimate end game in a deadly confrontation?


My Review

OMG!!! The Twist in this story!! I did not see that coming at all…
This is where I am going to put a warning that there are some very graphic parts in this book that some may be uncomfortable reading.

So I will start of this review by being completely honest and saying as bad as I felt for Misty’s character after everything she has been through in her life which was so very horrible, I could not help being a little annoyed with her character and all the bad decisions she keeps making in her life.

There points in this that I really just wanted to stop reading because I just got so frustrated with her. Yes you do feel so bad for her but you also can’t help thinking why!! This is where I want to say keep going because this author managed to take me from being so unsure of how I felt about this book and what was happening too OMG!!! My mind is blown and I did not see that coming at all!

What I took out of this book is never date anyone of the internet at all lol!!! Because seriously there are just so many “Crazy” people out there and you really can not trust anyone. You just honestly never know who is really who anymore. This author will take you for a ride and have you thinking everything is going to turn out one way and completely have you stunned after reading this book because you never expected that to happen at all.

I want to leave this review with I would recommend this book to those who love a good horror story with a twist!
I received this book from the publisher for a honest review!

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5 Stars for Succumbing to His Fear by River Mitchell #M/M @AuthorRiverM

Book Synopsis

When a life changing event not only has Alfie becoming the guardian to two little people it leads him to discover that everything he thought he knew about himself, was not only wrong but catastrophically wrong. All it took was a chance meeting and a drunken night to turn his world upside down. Fear wasn’t looking for anyone, content to stick with his routine hook ups and one night stands. Purposely keeping people at arms-length and never letting anyone close enough for them to matter all gets forgotten when he meets Alfie and his family. While struggling to maintain all the aspects of his life, the arrival of an unknown element determined to destroy him and his knew found chance at happiness throws everything into turmoil. Will they be able to survive the pain and destruction going on around them, or is the unknown force going to succeed. The only thing for certain is that Fear will not stop fighting for those he loves and that quickly has come to include Alfie and his family.


My Review

This book had suspense, mystery and steam. Alfie has a life changing event and is now guardian to two little people. He meets Fear and there is a instant attraction between these two men but Alfie has never been attracted to men before so this confuses him.

I though this book was sweet because the way this author wrote this story you could feel how much these men cared for one another. There was steam in this book along with some on the edge of your seat moments when you can’t help but be worried about what is going to happen to this two men.

I loved the characters River Mitchell created in this book. There was Alfie who you just can’t help but to love his personality and quirks like when he is nervous he tends to talk a lot which I thought was so sweet. Then there was Fear who is so protective and Alpha who does not show his feelings well. You also meet a lot of different characters in this book, like Alfie’s mom who had me laughing so much there were tears in my eyes with the things she would say. There was really so much that happens in this book that I do not want to go into because I really do not want to give away any spoilers.

This book was a sweet, suspenseful and steamy debut M/M book from River Mitchell and I would recommend it!

I received a ARC of this book from the publisher Via Star Wings Books for a honest review!

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5 Stars for His Master’s Summons by Cassie Sweet #M/M #Parnormal @DSPPublications




This book was amazing!

You get a mixture of paranormal and a doctor who can bring back the dead. There was action in this book along with a little bit of steam too. Valentine was thrown through a window to his death. But was brought back to life by the doctor and his assistant Henri. Right away there is a attraction between Valentine “Andre” and Henri. They all must discover who is behind the Wolfsine creatures that are attacking them. Then you get the beautiful music that Valentine makes.

This book has all the aspects I love in a book and I loved the way this author wrote this story and the characters she created in this book! All together I thought this book was beautiful and the way these two men were together was so sweet you could not help but root for a happy ending for these two men. I really hope we will get more of these characters and what happens next.

I would recommend this book for those who love a paranormal story filled with many on the edge of your seat moments.

I received a ARC of this from NetGalley from the publisher DSP publications for a honest review!



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