5 Stars Puppet World by Steven Marshall, Brett Graham #Horror

Puppet World


3 short stories by each author about puppets, dolls, marionettes and mannequins. Picture life from behind the eyes of puppet dreams, seeing us as the fake, superficial race. Do puppets come to life when we sleep or do we become paralyzed when puppets wake and take on a life of their own? This is the second collaborative novelette by Brett Graham and Steven Marshall since Occultica. 6 short stories, 100 pages, 30,000 words.


My Review

This book will take you into a different world of Puppets, Dolls and Mannequins. These terrifying stories… They may scare you, they may have you jumping at the noises that go bump in the night.

I do not want to go to much into each story because I do not want to give away any spoilers. With these stories You will get the puppeteer who is not who he seems… The woman who will wake up to being made into a doll.. Delve into the mind of a mannequin..The wife who finds a Nutshell at the flea market, but did it find her… To a “Junkie” and his mothers nesting doll.. To a woman and her Voodoo doll who extracts justice for the innocent.

Now for me a horror story has to grab me and scare me. It has to have a storyline behind it that will leave me stunned or that will have that twist that will shock me. There is something about the unknown that I just love and the feeling it leaves you with after you finished reading it. These stories have all of that and so much more. I would recommend this book to those who love horror stories that will grab you, maybe even scare you.

I received a copy of this book from the publisher for a honest review!

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