5 Stars for Hope’s End by Alison Pearce #Horror


Hope’s End: Is it a person, place or thing? Or is it the end of everything? Eight close friends must uncover the dark hidden truth to Hope’s End. When the first settlers of the land came, they brought with them a curse that would befall upon a small village in Redeemer Valley, dating all the way back to 1853. But it took greed and sacrifice to unleash it upon the land. That greed and sacrifice would be initiated by a man named Winston Riley, for he knew what dark, arcane secret lay underneath and what would come in its wake. A mining expedition was hired at a dig site to unveil the terrible secret. A group of eight close friends, visceral explorers of the supernatural, set out to crack the ancient code in the eerie hauntings that plagued the quiet town where a family inheritance was to be claimed. But instead a malicious lost spirit wants to claim them… Together, they must solve the puzzle and decipher the diary of John Cort, who penned the diary of how the curse was unleashed and why. And in his own words: Alexander has shared all with me. It was even more than I expected. May God have mercy on us all.

My Review:

There is a small town that is not all that it seems.. It is a evil place that once you visit you many never leave. You will get terror with this book along with suspense as you read about Wade and his friends fighting this evil and just trying to survive.

I will admit that the first 20% of this book did drag a little bit for me and I just could not get interested in the characters. But once everything started happening I found myself rooting for these characters and on the edge of my seat waiting to see what happened next.

There is gore in this book but not to much and it goes along with what is happening to these characters. I love it when a author can take you from feeling unsure about a book to loving it and not wanting to put this book down. The way this author wrote this story will have you feeling what these characters are going through.. The pain and the terror that all of the characters experience in this book.

I would recommend this book to those who love a horror story that will terrify you and have you wondering what will happen next with every page you turn.

There was something evil in this town and some may not make it out alive….

I received a copy of this book from the publisher for a honest review!

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