5 Stars for Gently Bleeding by Steven Marshall #Horror

6 incredible horror/dark fiction short stories by Senior Editor of SNM Horror Mag, Steven Marshall. Section one: The Gently Series. 3 stories of grueling laments of heartbreak and tragedy. Section two: The Soulful Series: haunting apparitions, other worldly events, channeling lost souls of the dead and beyond…

Speculative horror combined with slowly unraveling mysteries. Stories written in the wordsmith visionary tradition of Poe and Lovecraft. 220 pages, 56,000 words, 6 longer short stories.


My Review: 5 Stars

These stories were terrifying! You will feel what all these different characters are going through in each story while reading this. From the jealous husband who does the unthinkable because of a misunderstanding… To the thoughts of a serial killer that will terrify you and have you feeling a little squeamish.. To the end of a marriage and one man’s pain while he lies there…The train that comes for the lost souls, the Graverunners, the bearer that catches them and  a journalist trying to get his next big story but what will it cost him… A cursed Inn… To three collage friends that are in for a surprise from their tour guide..

All of these stories in this book will terrify you, twist you and leave you feeling like “what just happened”! The way this author grabs you from the start of this book and takes you down a different path of horror, one like I have never seen before was amazing! You do get some gore with this book and harder moments to read, but everything that happens goes along with the story. I think for me what got me the most with these stories was the feeling of being in the head of whoever was causing the pain or was in pain. The details that are gone into and the sense like you are really there are what I love the most about horror books and you will definitely get that with this book.

I would recommend this book to those who love horror with a different twist then you might be used to but will leave you feeling like you did not want this book to end…

I received this book from the publisher for a honest review!


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