5 Stars for Go Tell It on the Mountains (Sugar Tree #3) by Nick Wilgus #M/M #Romance @dreamspinners

28691042Years have gone by since the death of Noah, his special needs son, and Wiley Cantrell realizes it’s time to move on. He and his husband, Jackson Ledbetter, try to adopt little Tony Gorzola, a deaf boy with HIV who is emotionally traumatized.

Difficulties quickly set in. Tony is a sweet boy but very damaged by abuse and neglect. And Tony’s mother, in prison, is unwilling to relinquish her parental rights. No sooner do they get the go ahead to foster Tony when another child they had considered becomes available—the daughter Jackson always wanted.

With two children on their hands, life is complicated—wonderfully so. But just as things begin to settle down, Tony, his immune system compromised, falls ill with pneumonia—and Wiley and Jackson find their little family faced with crisis once again.

A portion of the proceeds from this book are being donated to the Kentucky Youth Law Project (www.kylpinc.org), whose goal is to reduce homelessness and promote legal protections for LGBT youth in the state of Kentucky.

My Review: 5 Stars

So I will start of this review by admitting that I have read book #1 in this series and loved it but I did not read book #2 before this one. But I felt like this book Go Tell It On The Mountains caught be up enough with what happened in book #2 that I did not feel lost at all.

Jackson and Wiley are trying to move pass the pain of losing Noah their son. They want to adopt Tony who has health issues and is emotionally traumatized  due to things his mother let happen to him. No sooner then being approved to foster Tony they find out they have been selected to adopt a daughter too. With two children these men will go through a lot on the road to being a family.

I have to say in this series Wiley has been my favorite character and after reading this book I love his character so much more! He is just so funny at times with the way he banters back and forth with Jackson and his family. There were some painful times also in this book for him while he deals with the loss of his child. But the love he shows to his adopted/fostered children was just so sweet and caring I just could not help loving his character more!

Now this is where I am going to say I was not a huge fan of Jackson character for most of this book. He just came across so selfish to me and sometimes the things he would say to Wiley seemed so hurtful and rude. As a mother myself I can not even imagine losing one of my children and for him to expect Wiley to just get over it was beyond irritating to me. That was just one of the parts of this book that I was not a fan of what he said to Wiley. I do not want to go too much more into the things he said and the way he treated him because I really do not want to give away any spoilers. He did eventually grow on me more after the first half of this book though.

There were some very painful moments in this book while these men dealt with their loss and there were also some humorous moments too between the banter and the things that Wiley would say that had me laughing so much there were tears in my eyes.

I have to say I loved the way this author wrote these characters “yes even Jacksons when I eventually warm back up to him” and this story which I thought was just so beautiful!

I would recommend this book!

I received a ARC of this book from the publisher for a honest review!

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Author Bio:

Nick Wilgus is the author of the best-selling romantic comedy SHAKING THE SUGAR TREE about a gay single father raising a deaf child in the South. His other novels include STONES IN THE ROAD, GET YOUR SHINE ON and BILAL’S BREAD.

He is also the author of the Father Ananda murder-mystery series: Mindfulness and Murder, Sister, Suicide, Killer Karma, and The Curious Corpse. His works have been translated into French, German, Italian and Spanish.

He also wrote the script for the award-winning film Sop mai Ngeap, based on Mindfulness and Murder, produced by DeWarrenne Films in Bangkok, nominated for Best Screenplay by the Thai Film Association.

Under the pen name Sulayman X, he is the author of several novels, including TEARS OF A DRAGON and KING OF STORMS. Under the pen name Jerome Wilde, he is the author of BOY CRUCIFIED: A THOMAS NOEL MYSTERY.

Wilgus sold his first short story, The Boogeyman in the Closet, to The Horror Show when he was 17.

He lives in Tupelo, Mississippi.

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