Exploits & Escapades by AR Declerck #BookBundle @ARDeClerck

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Exploits & Escapades
Adventure for the Romance Enthusiast
Bound to You: On a lonely planet, far to the edge of the December
Quadrant, Jacks Baine and Lia Bernardi will face an evil unlike anything
they’ve ever encountered. The only thing that might save them is the strange
bond that seems to grow stronger day by day.
Desolation: Lavinia is the goddess of Love. Afflicted with the terrible illness
called Desolation, her only hope lies with a man who would like nothing better
than to forget her. Together Gage and Vinnie travel the Mythical Kingdoms in
search of a cure, and the answers to mysteries better left unsolved.
The Alchemist’s Kiss: 1869, London. Wizard and Alchemist Icarus Kane is
tired of the blood and death of war. Recently returned from the American Civil
War with his best friend and his protégé he wants only to live the rest of his
life in relative peace. But his sudden understanding of his love for Cora Mae
Jenkins and the arrival of a dark wizard in London means that peace and quiet
will be put on hold. Again.
The Clockwork Countenance: Ember Addams has searched for the
mysterious box that can save the man she loves. Now that she has it in her
grasp she will have to fight against those who want it as much as she does. The
Countenance can do incredible things, but can it save Reginald and bring them
together at last?
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Author Bio:
AR DeClerck is a wife and mother of 2 daughters. She lives in the Quad Cities, IL and works as a dialysis
technician. She grew up in the mountains of NC and has always been an avid reader. She started writing
in high school and never stopped.
AR writes adventure romance novels in many sub genres. She publishes through Nevermore Press and
currently has 5 novels available with a few more in the works and thousands more in her head. She
credits her love of reading and writing to her mother who always has a book handy.
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