New Release: 5 Stars for By The Fireside by John J. Barnes #Horror

The ultimate horror can be found in man…in the making of his inner monster. An overwhelming infestation of crows reveal a small European town’s hidden secret back in the The Dark Ages…A magician must choose between the love of his life or his work, but his decision may have come too late…Religion based on a false God proves treacherous for a couple in the wake of a Satanic cult that involves the entire town…A brand new beauty product attracts more than just the opposite sex: it creates a new pandemic inside a corporate conspiracy…A retired judge receives an unexpected visit from those she’s condemned to death row. Now she must confront her own judgment day…A father becomes the owner of a strange doll he bought for his daughter. The curse it comes with will make the doll his forever… A monster learns what it means to be human through “muscle memory.” But what happens when the side-effect of a monster develops a conscience and soul? A house collector comes across a rare find, and it wants him just as much as he wants it. First they must get to know each other — inside and out…Twin brothers share a telepathic bond, but when one finds out the other is homicidal, he must choose between family and his morals in confronting the madness in his own blood…A pro-cyclist suffers a near-fatal accident and comes face-to-face with a hungry wolf. But that’s not all he will be confronted with in the clutches of death…An old urn holds much more than the ashes of the deceased. It comes with a curse passed on through generations…A man is marked for death by his own tattoo that comes to life in the form of The Grim Reaper. His living nightmares are about to become reality… Inside are a dozen nightmares, daydreams for insomniacs, that come to life and will stay with you long after the lights go out. So come, warm your bones By The Fireside. Let the warmth wash over your soul .

My Review: 5 Stars 

This book was equal parts terrifying and creepy. This author takes a different path of horror than I have ever read before. Not so much gory as thought provoking and gripping. Each story in this book is short so I will not go to much into each one in my review, not wanting to give away any spoilers.

I will say I loved the way he wrote these stories and the different take on horror he employs in this book. There was one story I loved the most that just gripped me from the start and also terrified me, too. Which for me I love that feeling you get after reading a horror story that leaves you with goosebumps. but will also leave you feeling amazed and maybe a little jumpy at the sounds that go bump in the night. For me, that story was Call Of The Crows.. Now, my all time favorite horror movie is The Birds and, after reading this story, you will see what I mean by the author’s style. It was creepy and also amazing. He used a very different approach, which is why I loved this story so much! There were also a few others that really stood out with me.

That is not me saying I did not love all of these stories, because I really did! But that one for me was my favorite.
I really can not recommend this horror book enough to those who love a good scare in a way you might not have read before, which will leave you feeling slightly terrified after reading all of these different creepy stories.
I received a ARC of this book from the publisher for a honest review!
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