5 Stars for Resurrected Rituals by Steven Marshall #Horror


All great events begin with one tiny action. These actions can have dire consequences. Ones that can lead to heartbreak, disease and perhaps the end of the world. Welcome to the lives of the characters that initiate this chain of events. They may not know each other, but their timelines and meeting points intersect, triggering a domino effect that changes their lives in ways they never imagined possible…until it becomes too late to do anything about it. For this is not just their world. And this is not the lives they envisioned for themselves. This is their living nightmares come to life, leading up to their demise as they unleash brand new diseases that threaten to obliterate the existence of mankind. These are Resurrected Rituals.


My Review: 5 Stars 

This horror book and the stories inside of it will twist you and take you on a different path to horror then you may be used to!

I thought the stories in this book were terrifying and very creepy. From the first story where one wrong decision could change the course of your life forever to many more stories that will twist your mind. Some of the stories in this book may be a little gory for some. But they will definitely scare you and have you jumping at all the bumps you hear in the night after reading this book!

I loved the path this author took in writing this horror novel and the way he will have you thinking one thing is going to happen but ends up twisting it up leaving you feeling like your mind was blown.

I would definitely recommend this book and these stories to those who love a darker horror novel that will scare you and leave you feeling like what just happened!

I received a copy of this book from the author for a honest review!

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About Author: 

Steven Marshall is the Senior Editor and Content Moderator of SNM Horror Magazine. He has 7 published novels and 5 anthologies. Born in Brooklyn, N.Y. in 1970, he hails from St. Petersburg, Florida by way of Stamford, CT. with his wife, Samantha, originally from the UK, and their 5 baby black panthers. He is a writer, editor and publisher of new, up-and-coming horror and dark fiction writers. He owns a multiple award winning press that’s been around since 2008.

New Blood Magazine stated: “If Stephen King is the emperor of horror, then Marshall is the Law. He combines a unique Poesque to Lovecraftian element in his writing that you don’t often see these days; a true wordsmith.” You can find his short stories in print, on his website, in his novels, and on his online horror magazine. He also writes original music lyrics and plays bass.

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