5 Stars for Jamaican Gangsters & American Thugs #M/M #Romance


POWER IS EVERYTHING A very dark and gripping tale of three young men whose lives and destinies have become violently intertwined by the inevitable threads of fate. Jevaughn (Jevaughn Wilson) is the handsome, 22-year-old gay man who dares to fall head over heels for a thug while Dre (Andre Malcolm) is the drop-dead gorgeous thug and nephew of a malevolent, homophobic Jamaican Don, Biggs (William Malcolm) and they both share blood lineage with a very powerful American mafia family. Biggs found out about his protege nephew’s sexual escapades and is furious; he condemns his young lover to the whims of death. Jevaughn barely manages to survive and goes into hiding after a brutal gay bashing and upon finding out what his own uncle did, Dre goes after him and everyone involved. Now, three years later, Biggs only son, Donte (Donte Malcolm) rises to prominence in the Malcolm family and there is one thing he craves more than to conquer the world of business; revenge, against those he deems responsible for his father’s death, his once favorite cousin, Dre and his gay lover, Jevaughn Wilson. A vicious and bloody conflict ensues. The family crumbles. Death is omnipresent. The quest for revenge has unintended consequences and no one is safe as Donte and Andre Malcolm are locked in a battle of wills. Mature Audience Only Buy now with 1-Click”

My Review: 5 Stars

To start of this review I have to say I loved what this author did with this story!

This book was s different from anything that I have read before, which is why I think this story grabbed me from the start! The way this author wrote these characters in this book was awesome. You could feel everything like you were there with these characters and with the way the author described everything, which was so good!

There was action, love and sadness in this book. There really was so much going on in this and I really do not want to give away any spoilers, but I will say I was really blown away by this book and I can not recommend it enough!

I received a copy of this book from the author for a honest review!

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