5 Stars for Two Pet Dicks by John Inman #M/M #Comedy


Old friends and business partners, Maitland Carter and Lenny Fritz, may not be the two sharpest pickle forks in the picnic basket, but they have big hearts. And they are just now coming around to the fact that maybe their hearts are caught in a bit of turmoil.

Diving headfirst into a whirlwind of animal mayhem, these two self-proclaimed pet detectives strive to earn a living, reunite a few poor lost creatures with their lonely owners, and hopefully not make complete twits of themselves in the process.

When they stumble onto a confusing crime involving venomous reptiles, which is rather unnerving since they’re more accustomed to dealing with misplaced puppy dogs and puddy tats, they take the plunge into becoming real-life crime stoppers.

While they’re plunging into that, they’re also plunging into love. They just haven’t admitted it to each other yet.

My Review: 5 Stars

There is just something about John Inman’s writing style that draws me in every time…

With this book we get two best friends who run a pet detective agency together. Maitland and Lenny are friends with benefits who work together to find missing or stolen pets as well as so much more.

There were so many times while I was reading this book I would laugh so hard there were tears in my eyes. The way this author wrote this story drew me in from the start and I could not put this down. The two MC’s where so cute together that you really can’t help but love them as a couple.

You will get steam with this book along with so much humor and crazy things that happen to Maitland and Lenny. Between the animals that will have you laughing so hard and the different characters you will meet made this story one of my favorite romantic comedies I have read this year.

I would recommend this book!

I received a copy of this book from the publisher for a honest review!

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Barnes and Noble

Dreamspinner Press

Author Bio:

John has been writing fiction for as long as he can remember. Born on a small farm in Indiana, he now resides in San Diego, California where he spends his time gardening, pampering his pets, hiking and biking the trails and canyons of San Diego, and of course, writing. He and his partner share a passion for theater, books, film, and the continuing fight for marriage equality. If you would like to know more about John, check out his website at—-
http://www.johninmanauthor.com/John_I… or follow him on Facebook at www.facebook.com/john.inman.79


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